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roland44 wrote in himym_animoods
First off, a million million thanks to everyone for contributing the amazing suggestions!!! You are all absolutely wicked with this stuff! =D

We still have a bunch of moods with no suggestions yet, let's give this a last round of suggestions and fill in the blanks? 

Here are the moods that are not yet identified:

Set 3: Moods 27-69: Happy Moods

Set 4: Moods 70-81: Various

Set 5: Mood 82-116 : Sad

Check out the google doc (at the bottom of each set post) to see the moods for which there aren't any suggestions yet...

Once all the suggestions are in, we'll poll the ones with multiple suggestions and then get to gif making! =D

Hope to start sometime next week with the finalizing of the animation choices, so it would be awesome if we got more of your lovely suggestions! =D

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Hey, so what's the situation with the mood theme here? Are we ready for polling yet? :)

Ok, was waiting for the finale so we could have as many ideas as possible from S4. Kinda got distracted after that ;) RL and roleplay are eating my time and sbmshaneomaniac's gifspams have also to be trawled for suggestions now! Care to help?!

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