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Set 4: Moods 70-81: Various
random, death
roland44 wrote in himym_animoods
70 # indescribable

71 # nerdy
72    * dorky
73    * geeky

74 # okay
75    * blah
76    * lazy
77        o exanimate
78           + apathetic
79           + blank
80        o lethargic
81        o listless

Updated Google doc with suggestions here

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This is where I do some fun stretching for credibility! *yay*

Okay... so for Blah. If you'd want to be inside jokey, you could always make it Blah Blah from "How I Met Everyone Else", like the part where she goes "But you can call me Blah".


Yeah, I was thinking the part where she says "the name BLAH BLAH up in lights" but just the part where she says "BLAH" with hand movements .... thanks! That, or some time when one of the gang is looking extremely bored at something Ted's lecturing on about =)

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