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Set 4: Moods 70-81: Various
random, death
roland44 wrote in himym_animoods
70 # indescribable

71 # nerdy
72    * dorky
73    * geeky

74 # okay
75    * blah
76    * lazy
77        o exanimate
78           + apathetic
79           + blank
80        o lethargic
81        o listless

Updated Google doc with suggestions here

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Your welcome, I sort of feel obnoxious about it though. Especially since I wouldn't know how to make a .GIF.

Ha, that's actually fantastic. My Spring Break is coming up this week, and all my friends are going away, so I will have nothing to do. I'll be sure to try and make some then. :D

Wow that would be so very awesome if you could make a few even.... I LOVE YOU!!! =D

However, we first need to decide which ones are going to be point giffing stuff if it doesn't get used or someone already did it. So in a day or so I'll start compiling a list of finalized gifs we need, by episode =)

Sounds great. I probably wouldn't even start making them until Monday anyways, so if you gave a list of some you need around about then, I'd be happy to help out.

Will do! *adds to list of gif contributors*

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