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Set 2: Moods 17-26: Various
random, death
roland44 wrote in himym_animoods

17 # awake


18 # confused

19        * curious


20 # determined

21        * predatory


22 # devious


23 # energetic

24        * bouncy

25        * hyper


26        # enthralled

Link to Google doc with compiled suggestions here

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Confused = Ted waking up in the Pineapple incident.

Hyper/Bouncy = the five of them jumping up and down in Showdown, like in this comm's default icon! (There's also a couple scenes of Robin and Barney being bouncy in Aldrin Justice-- the booth at the hula restaurant where Lily worked-- and in Columns when they find the painting of Marshall.)

Predatory = Barney's "Step into my web!" from Return of the Shirt.

Devious: His evil laugh from... can't remember the episode, but he goes like "I want someone I can love and cuddle... or so it says in my profile. Mwahahaha."

Awake = Lily lying awake in terror in Milk, while Marshall rolls on top of her. (Which could work well for "anxious" or "scared" as well, if you wanted."

Enthralled = Ted finding the shirt in Return of the Shirt?

Curious.. Questioning Robin in Old King Clancy/Lily with the Hiccups.

Determined - Barney with the 6-pack of Red Bull before going in to sleep with the cougar in "Aldrin Justice"

Predatory could also be when Barney whips around to face Robin when he says "SUBMISSION" in "Platinum Rule"

Enthralled could also be any "sandwich" scene, or, alternatively - Robin going "this just in, my hand, look at my hand" in "We're Not From Here"

Confused (or maybe shocked): Lily opening the "sewing machine" present at her wedding shower.

Energetic: Some of the dancing in the "Let's Go to the Mall" video

I'm currently in the process of making the various choices to see what they will come out like. Here are the determined's so far (Plus one I came up with, which I think sucks compared to the redbull one)




My fav is the last one. It's AWFSOME!

Here is the current choice for Devious


Here's a Bouncy I came up with while looking for clips in Columns


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