The Master list of moods
random, death
List of moods under the cut...Collapse )

So here's the plan...
random, death
The HIMYM fandom is in dire need of an animated mood theme. We have some lovely static ones, but animated = awesome.

So this community has been set up to gather HIMYM fans in a collaborative effort to contribute to the building of an animated (read: awesome) mood theme.

Step 1 : We put up a list of all the (approximately 104) available moods.

Step 2: People suggest what existing/possible animation sequence should be assigned to which mood. If there are squabbles over this, they will be sorted via a vote. However, girl fights are greatly encouraged (call your bros and make sure you're camera phones are charged and handy!)

Step 3: Gifs are uploaded to a common repository? I'm not sure how this works...and not sure how LJ's mood theme pages work with LJ paid accounts...

Step 4: Somebody with a paid account (sniff I don't has moneys =[ ) puts it all together. Voila! Everybody profits! =D


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