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The Master Plan
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roland44 wrote in himym_animoods
[info]himym_animoods is a community with the goal of creating an animated LJ mood theme for the HIMYM fandom. While several wonderful static mood themes do exist, who wouldn't want a totally awesome animated mood theme to show off one's visitivity? =)

Since this is a humungous project for any one person to undertake, we are sending out a call to arms to the entire HIMYM fandom on LJ to help contribute 132 animated moods to increase the aggregate level of awesomeness in the blogosphere!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to contribute suggestions or any animated icons or gif files which could be relevant to  the following Mood Sets that we have set up as follows:

Set 1: Moods 1-16 : Angry Moods
Set 2: Moods 17-26: Various - Awake, Confused, Determined, Devious, Energetic, Enthralled
Set 3: Moods 27-69: Happy Moods
Set 4: Moods 70-81: Various - Indescribable, Okay
Set 5: Mood 82-116 : Sad
Set 6: Moods 117-122: Scared
Set 7: Moods 123-126: Thoughtful
Set 8: Moods 127-132: Working

For a preview of an entire Mood Theme please see:
Note: The animated one is not restricted to Barney and Robin as is the above =) 

Do comment with your ideas for what
scene you think each mood should depict, (eg. Barney winning the price is right for "jubilant") and if you have a secret collection of HIMYM gifs and animated icons (and we know you do!) then please post them in the comments, provide us with links to the files hosted online or email them to roland4483[at]gmail[dot]com


Limits on file size
We will be hosting the mood theme on Photobucket so there is no restriction on file size at this time.
Although bear in mind, smaller file sizes load faster.

Accepted Resolutions
We want this to look nice, so let's shoot for a higher resolution.
If you have a gif and/or icon, or are going to make one for us try to have the dpi be in the 90-100 range.

The dimensions of the mood theme's ultimate images will be 85 x 55px
Please ensure that any gifs and/or icons submitted are at least this big. We can always crop larger images, but something too small won't work.

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127 Working - Barney writing on the whiteboard "How to have sex with Robin again" from Shelter Island.

118/19 Anxious/distressed - Barney up against the wall in the purple shirt in "World's greatest couple" when he's trying to throw Lily out of the apartment.

Angry moods
1. Angry Ted in the cab from Happily Ever After
2. Angry Barney in the tag from The Front Porch

That's me for now!

Oh these are PRICELESS! I was just thinking of angry ted in the cab yanking off the window handle thingy

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