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Set 8: Moods 127-132: Working
random, death
roland44 wrote in himym_animoods

127      # working

128      * accomplished

129      * artistic

130      * busy

131      * creative

132      * productive

Link to Google Doc with compiled suggestions

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Artistic = Lily painting naked Barney. (Or painting anything.)

Accomplished = Barney's thumbs up from Not a Father's Day?

Working = "Being a lawyer had better be awesome!"

Working for me has to be Barney at the white board in Shelter Island.

I think a good accomplished would be Ted in "Murtaugh" with the old person list, going "Check!"

Oh!!! And productive should be the scene in "Spoiler Alert" where Marshall is working at the table singing to himself - doing his taxes and studying for the Bar.

Umm... creative could be Marshall and Lily unveiling the Cockamouse representation in "Matchmaker."

And busy... the matchmaker lady working on her computer in "Matchmaker" :D

idioticonion suggests Barney writing on whiteboard in Shelter Island for "Working"

Productive or working could be Barney creating his bracket of women he slept with in "The Bracket."

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