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Set 6: Moods 117-122: Scared
random, death
roland44 wrote in himym_animoods

117      #scared

118      * anxious

119          o distressed

120      * embarrassed

121      * intimidated

122      * nervous

Google doc with suggestions

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Scared = Barney's "I caught feelings bad!"

Embarrassed = "I was a teenage pop star in Canada."

Nervous = one of the clips on the couch in SITS (preferably the last one, because Barney looks like he's going to die in that one.)

Distressed = Barney's "You said that already!!!" from Something Blue.

I feel kind of bad, making all these suggestions and not being able to do any of the actual work myself. =P

Oh no, don't feel bad, this is brilliant!!! It's like SO MUCH EASIER now to make a list of what's needed! All your suggestions are amazing! =D

Pretty sure we have to use this one somewhere (possibly distressed?)


I thought this would work for exanimate :)

For scared: Marshall and Lily running away from the cockamouse in "Matchmaker"

Intimidated: Robin with the gun out in the scene with the robbers in the apartment in "Naked Man"

Anxious - Barney freaking out about Lily and Marshall possibly divorcing in "Dowisetrepla"

from idioticonion:
118/19 Anxious/distressed - Barney up against the wall in the purple shirt in "World's greatest couple" when he's trying to throw Lily out of the apartment.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, good one! =) We put it under "angry" but clearly he was distressed!

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