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Set 3: Moods 27-69: Happy Moods
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roland44 wrote in himym_animoods

27                # happy

28                * amused

29                * cheerful

30                * chipper

31                * ecstatic

32                * excited   

33                          o high   

34                         o horny

35                * good

36                * grateful

36                * impressed

38                * jubilant

39                * loved

40                * optimistic

41                    o hopeful

42                * pleased

43                * refreshed

44                    o rejuvenated

45                * relaxed

46                    o calm

47                    o mellow

48                    o peaceful

49                    o recumbent

50                    o satisfied

51                      + content

52                          # complacent

53                         # indifferent

54                      + full

55                      + relieved

56                * silly

57                    o crazy

58                    o ditzy

59                    o flirty

60                    o giddy

61                    o giggly

62                    o mischievous

63                       + naughty

64                    o quixotic

65                    o weird

66                * surprised

67                     o shocked

68                * thankful

69                * touched

Link to Google doc of suggestions so far

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For 61: "giggly" and/or 28 "amused" - we could have the one where Barney falls out of the booth laughing..


We could have the falling off part be "amused", and the part where he's giggling earlier as "giggly"?


Season 4 - I heart NJ
Can be used for ecstatic, excited, jubilant...

High = College!Marshall smoking the sandwich in How I Met Everyone Else. (Before Ted comes in.)

Shocked = pencil in Barney's nose. "Am I dead?!"

Thankful = Possimpible hug!

Flirty = Robin's phone call in The Duel.

Horny = Barney pointing to his devil's horns in Slutty Pumpkin.

Crazy = Chloe Crazy eyes! (Or the Hot/Crazy scale.)

Touched = "Get your hand off my thigh, Barney."

Not sure if touched would work without sound, but the rest sound great. :D

Well, I know when I had the Dr. Horrible anim mood theme, I kind of used to hear the sound clips in my head. So every time I saw the one for hyper it'd be "We do the weird stuff! We do the weird stuff! We do the weird stuff!" over and over. It was obnoxious. And I miss it. ;)

That is very true. I stand corrected.

(Deleted comment)
Awesome!!! THANK YOU!

Ditzy- Robin in Sandcastles in the Sand when Simon comes in for the first time. Or really any scene that involves her and Simon.

Naughty- Robin showing Barney the lingerie she bought Lily in Bachelor Party.

Full- Lily at the Hot Dog Eating Contest in Possimbiple.
Rejuvenated- Barney after sleeping with Rhonda again in The Yips.
Mellow- I don't know why, but Hippie Barney in Game Night?

(By the way, excited should be Marshall screaming Yahtzee in that episode. You don't even need sound for that one.)

Okay, I'm getting obnoxious now.

Yes! The part where he's saying he gives high 2s :)

Hehe everybody seems to equate mellow to granola!barney!! =)

Somebody already mentioned this also, but Crazy has to be Ted doing the motion with "The eyes. They're Crazy" from Swarley. It's gotta be.

Okay. OR touched could be where Barney marries Lily and Marshall. I just want to see this somewhere!

Shocked - Barney watching Marshall make out with Lily for the first time in "How I Met Everyone Else"

Quixotic - when Barney goes, "I accept your challenge!" in "Intervention"

Mischievous - when Barney is cutting up Marshall's pants in "Sorry, Bro"

Oh these are awesome!!! Thanks so much for ALL the input =D You're really good at this stuff! Now we need people willing to help make the gifs....

Okay, I know you already have on for Horny but I just gotta suggest it.

Lily grabbing her crotch as pretend!Marshall during Chain of Screaming S3. (Or any Lily from that episode. "Mama needs her sugar!")

thankful: when Barney realises that he's not dead and hugs Ted in Arrivederci Fiero

That's a good one thanks!! =)

Surprised: Robin when Barney tells her she's employed in "The Possimpible"
Loved: Marshall nuzzling Lily in the bar right after they get back together (right before going back upstairs to see Chloe in the apartment) in "Swarley"
Recumbent: Barney sleeping all spread out on his bed in his nightie in "The Front Porch"

D'awww - absolutely supercute scenes!!! Thanks a million =)

(Deleted comment)
This gets my vote for Giddy

Oooooooooh drunk!Robin - Niiiiice!

(Deleted comment)
ZOMG MY BRAIN HAS MELTED FROM THE BARNEY/MARSHALL CUTENESSSS! =D Gosh, thanks for ALL the gifs, you are really really awesome!

(Deleted comment)
Hey, suggest them anyway, in a while we'll be polling the ones with multiple suggestions, and who knows maybe we could use some of them for other moods without any suggestions? =)

(Deleted comment)
I used the Goat high five for Pleased myself

Some of mine.


Impressed (Part or all)


For hopeful or optimistic, you could use Barney saying, "There's gonna be a baby?" to his brother in "Single Stamina."

My Weird (or Wierd, as Robin would say)

Ok, I'm just going to do this.

This is MY HIMYM mood theme. If there are any you see that might make good animations for things we don't have yet, feel free to say so. If not, it's just a pointless shill.

Oh, also, the one with the pencil in Barney's nose ("Am I dead?") is "Miracles."

Thanks! That one was *killing* me!

Here's one I just thought of for Silly since currently our "silly" and "giddy" are the same.


I'm back with more!!! :D

Happy – everyone hugging Ted at the end of “The Leap”. THIS!

Cheerful – Barney making the explosion gesture and noise in “The Leap”… he’s just so awfully chipper during that…. I may find a better one…

Content – Ted reading to Lucy in “I Heart New Jersey”

Complacent – Marshall and Lily starting their “Aw” story of how they met during “How I Met Everyone Else”

Indifferent – Lily shrugging and saying she’s sure Ted would have had his reasons for killing her and burying her not in NJ … in “I Heart New Jersey”

Calm - stretch, and I know there's gotta be something better, but Marshall, Barney, and Robin singing "Silent Night" in "How Lily Stole Christmas"

Relaxed - Everyone getting a pedicure in "Atlantic City"! :D

Good - Barney posing beside his "Volunteer of the Year" poster in "Belly full of Turkey"

BAM! And that's all of 'em!

THANK YOU!!! =D All have been duly noted, you are the awesomest bestest contributor of suggestions!

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